The Ace Spectrum as a Template for Support Projection

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Demonstrating the big idea: That straight lines in log-space form exponential curves.

This property of the log chart is useful for examining assets with exponential growth (like high-growth stocks, cryptos, etc).

Because the log scale asymptotically approaches the absolute scale as y slice decreases, this indicator is really applicable to any time scale.

This indicator samples a distribution of lines from the past and projects them into the future, these projected lines form indicators of prior support.
The idea is longer support at those specific lines is indicative of support strength, which this indicator approximately captures.

My initial goal was to capture this intuition about exponential growth in log spaces by applying a monte-carlo style sampling approach to visualize the latent support lines.
After I had captured that in a slightly more complex version of this indicator, my goal was to distill the concept into the simplest possible implementation.