November 5 BTCUSD Bybit Chart Analysis

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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for November 5.

private comment on November 4th

Yesterday was a short -> long switching strategy.
6 hours / 12 hours MACD deadcross was the key.

$62819.5 short to 60843 long switching

That's about $2750 round trip revenue.

Congratulations to all who made a profit.

4 hour chart

Today's approximate Top/Bottom price is displayed.

Yesterday, candle didn't go too far
The big picture is the same because it was finished with sideway.

Within the red resistance / dark blue support line convergence zone

The direction seems to be determined.

*Purple parallel line to the right
*Orange parallel line downwards

Red Up / Sky Blue Down to check the movement path

I made today's trading strategy

Today is a special 30-minute chart one-way long position strategy.

So far, there are conditions for a strong rise, but
But ,There are many obstacles to overcome

I'm expecting an approximate upward trend.

Within the red resistance / dark blue support line.
There is a possibility of extreme side way move.

If you touch the blue support line before the red resistance line,
Not good because the bottom is open

If it does not break the orange resistance line
Please note that it may be connected to the bottom section.

* When the red arrow moves

Short -> Long Switching Strategy

It'll probably be difficult to break through in the first half because it's too small for the first break.
If you are reading my analysis
Most likely you are currently in a long position.

When the purple support line breaks, watch it as a Stop Loss standard.

1) 62451.5 $ 62451.5 short position entry section / Stop loss when the red resistance line is broken

2) $61460 long position switching section / Stop loss when the purple support line is broken

Because I don't know how to move from here
After going sideways, in the end, you can touch 61886.5 and rebound.

Same point of view: Stop loss when the purple support line breaks

If you turn right and go down to the Jinpa and support line,
I'm expecting a sideway.

Don't break the purple support line

If the rebound is successful, the final target is $63731.5.

If you operate the same in the long position entry section in the spot exchange,
ETC alt + major altcoin appears to have a moderately red market.

Certainly, there is little data like today, or in sideways
It seems more difficult to analyze

My analysis is for reference only.

Principle trading / Stop loss required / I hope you have a good weekend

thank you.

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