BTCUSD (analyzed with Kumo Waves)

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   ビットコイン/米ドル
Richimoku & Kumo Waves on Bitcoin Dollar / BTC USD

Are you an investor on the buy-side or a trader on the sell-side?

Use the brand new Richimoku Trading System to learn about trends earlier and discover trading signals and alternative data that can be transformed into sharper insights, better opportunities, and more profitable decisions.

*Richimoku ( Advanced -2.20% Ichimoku Kinko Hyo with 4 Clouds! )
*Kumo Waves (Indentify divergences, trends, investor sentiment. Know First. Act Faster. A must-have for every trader!)

*As some indicators you may come across are using the repainting mode (which consists in correcting the false signal back in time).
You'll never see such thing in the Richimoku Trading System. What's on the charts is displayed in real time, no cheating...

Send me a Message and Feel Free to test the Richimoku Trading System! I'll send you an invite. Study the chart history on all timeframes. Study all details incl. divergences etc. You'll love it :)


How to access the Richimoku Trading System in tradingview?
To access your indicator simply click on “Indicators” at the top of your Chart, and click on “Invite-Only Scripts”. Click on the indicator to activate it. That’s it!

Will the Richimoku Indicator Trading System work for Stock and Index trading?
Sure! It works on all Forex, Stocks, Indexes, Metals and Crypto's!

Does this indicator work with a free TradingView Account?
Yes you can use the Richimoku Indicator Trading System with a free TradingView account.

Does the indiators work on all timeframes?
Yes, the indicators can be used on all time frames!


That green ONLY exists because it was touched once, it means nothing. Had it have touched lower or higher in 2016/17 it would be at a completely different angle, can't base a support line off one touch.
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Why didn't you start your little green trendline at the actual beginning of the timeframe? Misleading
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love the ichi , ur add on's look intriguing !
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@G13Man, thanks man send me a DM if you're really interested and i'll send you some instructions how to use it etc.
Except on 7 July 2014, investor sentiment drops and BTC CRASHES!
Would love to try it as well .. thanks !
@Ichimoku_Bonanza, you have a PM from me, I am interested in learning more about this indicator. Looking forward to hear from you and thank you in advance for your all efforts!
How can I trial the indicator? :)
@Poukitoun, hi! send me a DM and i'll send you instructions
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