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US Non-Farm Employment Affect workers strike

US labor strike, which started on April 2016 ,Verizon strike of employees of the company to reflect the Non-Farm Payrolls figure.
Seven-week-long strike at the end of a 4-year contract signed 36,000 (thirty six thousand) more than workers who are members of two unions that had taken the decision to start work again on Wednesday June to return to work by strike partner. Naturally, they will be included in the June data, which will be announced in July. Had it been included in the data on average in May non-farm employment figures would be 72B.
According to data released in June May 2016 unemployment rate of 4,7% had dropped, this shows that approximately 480B to decrease the number of unemployed fell to 7,4Milyo.

The Dollar Index Analysis
I mentioned in my previous article dollar index chart in April and May. Monthly as GREEN COLOR 89 Fibonacci level seen in the moving average support.
The decline is due to fundamental economic reasons as well as technically at the top of the channel when the channel is moving examined Black Color Dashed closing the line under as seen movement in June green Lower Level sag under 89 Green Fibonacci moving average appears to have receded way down.

acting under the Low level as a resistance if not upward output will stand only if the note is shortened distance between the moving average and low level in this case will be a jam in the following months and the Dollar Index in may mean that at the end of the decision making process way up or down.

The Dollar Index's daily chart as you move closer to investigate, as the chart shows, the channel positive or negative movement of data expected to arrive as soon as completed an impact in the opposite direction in some cases.
February 1, 2016 Tairih the European Central Bank President Draghi's speech followed the downward movement started DXY his speech from the lower level of the channel Date February 11, 2016, Janet Yellen 's conversation with the upward movement seems to start ... like wise March 4, 2016 Date employment report the movement state channel where the positive completing the dollar Index down directional movement seems to have the most recent US data, although not bad, and also by the continued upward movement of the dollar index moving at the lower channel although they remain below expectations in May employment report ..

June 3, 2016 Latest date above the channel with the highest level of the Dollar Index was restricted range of motion, and at the same time the RED 236 Fibonacci level (Moving Average) saw resistance task. Non-Farm Payrolls figure of moves in the middle of the channel on the daily chart with a lot of expectations coming down and appears to stop here ..

Janet Yellen on Monday, June 6, 2016 which has in speech based on the content of the conversation will continue to move toward the bottom of the dollar index or channel, or will be able to receive support from the point of return.

June 6 - June 14-15, 2016 June 23 2016 Dates are important dates for the dollar index .

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