TVC:NI225   日経225


On May 21, it rose to 20,734 yen, renewing the latest high price.
I filled over 20,000 windows that were open, so I felt a sense of accomplishment at my feet.
It opened up the window, went up, the feet were adjusted, and the trend is on the rise.
After that, it has been rising along the trend line (# Rika trend).
In Bollinger Bands , we touched the band's upper limit, but no new trends have yet occurred.
In Stochastic , it is worth watching if dead cross occurs in a situation where the temperature exceeds 80% and there is a feeling of overheating.
As a future strategy, it has become reasonable for a new trend to occur over time as volatility shrinks.
Since it is in the high price zone, you should concentrate on short-term trading of contrarian strategies and follow trends when new trends occur.





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