Watching the Biden and Trump coins

Well this is only getting more interesting.

First Trump was winning.
Then it dumped!
Biden was winning.

He's been winning ever since. Votes are coming in. There's a lot of confusion with mail in votes and in-person votes. So there's no rhyme or reason to how this is all working. That's the important part. Nothing is certain right now, not in the betting markets or in the news.

I am sharing this chart now and having some fun with technical analysis because there were a few sudden movements. Somehow the Trump coin saw a slight rally off its lows. Then, there was a blip in the Biden coin. I am watching the two trend lines that I drew. Will one break and the other hold?

We will find out soon enough.
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Should probably switch the colors
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@mrtodd, You're right. My mistake
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Colors totally had me confused
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scheplick dougrroyce
@dougrroyce, Sorry about that you're right! Whoops
Nevada is within 8k votes with 25%~ remaining with a good chunk being pro Trump
Arizona is within 70k votes with 12% remaining, 2/3 of which are pro Trump

This is why, Arizona was reported at 96% by the media, but was actually 85%. So statistically Biden had "won" Arizona, but when it was determined that the %s were way off, it's estimated there is 400-500k votes left, if 2/3 are for Trump. He actually wins AZ.

PA, AZ, GA, NV could all go Trump, making him the victor.

Regardless, this election is going to continue being nutty xD
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bernardoliao drucan120
@drucan120, can you please explain why you think these votes are pro trump?
Dems will be exposed for cheating, mark my words... Thanks for the chart!
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@DC92T, your words have been marked young man
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seferRaziel mrwizard9000
@mrwizard9000, so have all the ballots. water marks don't Xerox too well.
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@DC92T, smh
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