Tesla Vs the strongest EV stocks - Who is ahead and by how much!

NASDAQ:TSLA   Tesla, Inc
in this chart we just wanted to simply compare between the electric vehicles leading stocks and see what conclusions we can draw.
We can see NIO ripping up the chart with 600+% and showing that government funding backed with actual product delivery increase is a winning combination.
Workhorse which signed a EV delivery truck deal of 8.1 billion with USPS has been delayed last week due to elections, took a big slump after a major peak last month and now at 470%.
The beloved Tesla with only 186% after reports of china competition in the EV market will not be in favor of the American company and the earning which Elon called "best ever" didn’t help - Tesla is losing momentum every day from its peaks since the EV competition is getting tighter and more crowded.
NKLA EV trucks are holding by a thread with the GM Motors deal that may not come through after all and in that case they are expected to crash and burn below the 18 line of support (see full cover in my previous idea on NKLA).
last we have the somewhat unknown XPEV (Xmotors) also Chinese EV stock that is starting to get some market buzz lately and may seem to fight back real soon after the Aug IPO and traded at 20$.
THE BOTTOM LINE is that all eyes are on elections and if Biden may win then EV stocks are expected to jump much higher as Biden represents green energy endorsement -the hottest stocks at the moment in the market are EV , solar and green energy in general and that’s where we the traders should be focusing on.
sorry about the lack of technical but in our eyes, you must first cover the fundamental in order to time perfectly your entry with technical.

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With the 229% October increase and new factory opening - government funds (100.000 car per year production), also a 22.000 usd car price, XPEV seems to be the biggest Tesla rival in China. I think it will surpass Nio in few months. the trend is shifting to XPEV.
Great comparison, full disclosure I am loooong TSLA. So what I am saying may be biased, and may need tempering from someone’s more balanced...My understanding is that TSLA has already had its major pop and now the others are riding that wave.
You mentioned the competition in China, Tesla is dominating all Chinese EV’s in China, And their global BEV market share has grown from 18% last year to 23-24% YTD even before Berlin and Texas come online. But I am an investor first and would like your opinion of where you think the best growth medium term growth may come. Cheers
Wow, thank you so much for your thorough analysis and approach. I basically agree with almost everything presented. Question: Do you sense/expect TSLA to pullback to its support after big jump today, a +24 unexplained... ? or are we expecting it'll go up higher?
Thank you for your nice work and your input
@wardaK, thank you for the nice words !
The jump today was a joined jump for all EV stocks but as the buzz around tesla as Apple was 5y ago traders are always looking to jump in and buy it that’s what I got from today’s rally from all the sources I went through.
Regarding retracment I think tesla will pull back next week after the hype about Biden wining dies down ..as a stock on fundamentals it is traded over 4 times of its capital gains and that is a lot of hot air that I wouldn’t put my money in ..but tesla is TELSA so who knows :)
A question when people will understand that the USA stock market is manipulated by interfering of the Feds ? FANG stocks (Facebook,Google,Amazon,,etc) gives no dividend, and all of their P/E ration is way insanely high for example amazon 100+ P/E indicate price at very high lvl, the only reason ppl buy these stocks to sell them higher, my suggests for you rookies reading my comment, PUT STOP LOSS! before you loss you money
FDGT_academy faisal90alrajhi
@faisal90alrajhi, you know how we call stop loss in the grown up trading world -taking Candie from children :)) stop loss is the biggest scam the market have seen till BTC scam arrived :) trade safe but learn that market has patterns and cycles if you miss an exit you just gotta wait it out it will get there unless your trading penny stocks which are not in this graph(excluding Nikola lol)
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wheres my bby LI
FDGT_academy slacker298
@slacker298, will add in the next chart promise :)
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Have a look at BYD (BYDDF) Warren Buffet backed. Massive in China and starting to open up more overseas markets.

Loved the charts, I think Tesla and Nio will gap up higher next weeks by Biden winning for sure, so all good!