Godmode 3.1.4 SCALPER EDITION Use on 15M charts

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Two Godmode oscillators set up on the same merged indicator pane,
One Short " Predictive " Setup (RED DOTS)
One Long " Conformation " Setup (Blue Crosses)

The slower godmode (Blue Crosses) now becomes a "confirmation" indicator. Less noise less prediction. The two together are powerful
Some additional info and strategy on using this indicator.

Study past Godmode Caution Activations on prior price data carefully. Change time intervals to see how that affects sensitivity and accuracy.

Use on 1,3,5M charts for your SWAP (bitmex for example)
Use on 15m, 30m charts on your EXCHANGE (finex, etc)

Always take in to account VOLUME, longer time interval trends, and for goodness sakes USE BASIC TA (upper lower bounds, wedge, triangle, etc drawings)
as a PRIMARY tool, let GODMODE assist in CONFIRMING your entry / exit points.

USE WITH TTM SQUEEZE for additional superpowers

In Price rallies and reversals, GODMODE can be misleading, often times it will tick upper bounds (signaling reversal) when in fact the price will continue to rally up.

Choose entry / Exit after multiple GODMODE caution dots are present and form a nice "sine wave" Caution dot pattern. Caution dots that continue up, up, up or Down, Down, Down accompany price rallies, and may mislead you to premature entry / exits. When this happens, wait for the Caution dots to appear on the correction side and place your orders there if your BASIC TA agrees with the indicator.

More Tips:

Set up 2x indicators with different color / shape caution dots and different lookback settings (see above for FAST and SLOW indicator settings)

Use on 15m, 30m charts on your EXCHANGE (finex, etc)

Use on 1,3,5M charts for your SWAP (bitmex for example)

Double conformations (30M FINEX Caution Dots + 1,3,5 M Caution Dots on bitmex) are a strong indication and you can usually bet on the old proverb:


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