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  • 無料
    Pretty much all features on TradingView are free, which means your customers don't need to spend extra money on software before using your tools. This means a lower entry barrier, so more people can become customers. If you are selling content (news or data), you don't need to spend money on creating your own platform. If you develop studies then your customers can save on buying expensive charting software and/or datafeed with which they will work.
  • Accessible & universal
    TradingView works on any computer and in any browser. Forget about difficult installations or settings. You don't need to worry about converting your tools for different desktop platforms. As soon as your content is accessible on TradingView, any person from anywhere in the world can get instant access to it.
  • Convinience
    Your customers can subscribe to your service with one click and get immediate access. You don't need to worry about processing payments, controlling subscriptions or infrastructure – we've taken care of all that. Everything is automated, and you get access to purchase statistics and a list of your customers.
  • Large community
    Tens of thousands potential customers can notice you in the TradingView Marketplace. You automatically gain access to a large target audience, for free.
  • Latest technology
    TradingView is built using the latest modern technologies, including HTML5 and cloud computing. Customers don't need expensive powerful computers, since the cloud technology takes care of all heavy calculations. Even phones can now run software that was previously limited to large computer stations. Thanks to HTML5 you can embed live charts in your site showcasing your tools, which can be a great promotion of your service.

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