Session Levels

This indicator plots important session (intraday) levels for the day. It plots high and low of previous day, week, month, 52 week and all time. Also plots the vix range which shows the daily expected trading range of the instrument. These levels acts as important support/resistance for the day.

For example, if price closes above previous day, week, or month high/low it indicates bullish sentiment and vice versa for bearish .

Vix Range plots top, center, bottom line for expected trading range for the day. It is calculated based on the volatility index selected (NSE:India VIX is used by default).
リリースノート: Similar to Vix Range, two new range have been added.
1. ATR Range - plots high, low line for expected trading range for the day based on ATR.
2. Percentage Range - plots high, low line based on given percentage input from the previous day close.
リリースノート: 1. Option to show current day, week, month open line.
2. Option to change line color and style.


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