RSI Divergence - Baby Whale

Hey guys!

BabyWhale here!
I will open source my scripts, so everyone can use them and update.

In this RSI Divergence script I added Hidden Divergence (beta) as well.

This script will show you:

Bullish Divergence (green triangle)
Hidden Bullish Divergence (green circle)
Bearish Divergence (red triangle)
Hidden Bearish Divergence (red circle)

You can set the RSI values.
I recommend 60 / 40 or 70 / 30.

Last but not least, you can set alarms when a Divergence or Hidden Divergence is found.

Feedback is always welcome!

Credits to @Libertus, I used his script as inspiration.

Good luck with trading!

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Twitter: @babywhale83


Great work!!! Is there any way to edit the rsi length?
Nice. =) Just saw someone on twitter clout shilling his fancy RSI Divergence script. Might even be selling it. lol. I was like "I bet I find one that's open-source" ... bam. I actually like this one better.
@kurtsmock, Good job!
Warning, it's gonna repaint so keep in mind it's useless.
@kaka900, You have to wait for the candle to close.
If you want to set an alert, please choose "Once per bar close".
This way you'll only get the alert when Divergence is found.
its repainting
@ahmed173, Divergence can only be found after a candle close. Please use "once per bar close" when setting alerts.
Can the RSI line plotted in front of the div.plotting shapes (circles, triangles)? What I mean: RSI line (its values) should be always visible precisely. So, can the RSI line always in front?
BabyWhale83 fritoghels
@fritoghels, you mean that the circle is overlapping the RSI line, right? You can try other shapes as well and see what fits you. Just alter the code a bit, it's not that hard!
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