Oscillating Length Moving Averages

***CREDIT TO TradingView's TA Library*** (, Attempted to use "import TradingView/ta/4" to import the library, but for whatever reason
some of the functions failed to work, while others had no issue, so I opted to just copy paste what I wanted to use.

This moving average uses an oscillator to influence the length used during calculation. Extremely customizable/tunable with ability to change Max and Min length values, length multiplier, length multiple,4 different settings ,( <Incline, >Decline , <>Peak, ><Trough), many of the moving averages seen in the library above,+ linear regression curve and the standard ta. wma .

Step1:Get Inputs
Steo3:Select Oscillator to use for Length Oscillation
step4Get the Difference of highest and lowest, Divide the source by the difference
step5: Logic Selection, for Length Values <Incline, >Decline , <>Peak, ><Trough
step6:Select Final Filtering method

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