Latest Candle Background

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1.0 -> Changes the Background Based on the Color of the Latest Candle
Now uses a 100% width / 100% height table instead of a box. The benefit here is that now your chart's "auto" scaling will work as you expect.
"Latest Candle Background" indicator is a visual tool for traders that highlights the most recent candle on a chart. It does this by coloring the background of the candle with a user-specified color. This can be useful for quickly identifying the latest price action and making informed trading decisions.

The indicator allows users to customize the color of the background as well as the transparency level. It can be applied to any chart type and time frame. Additionally, the indicator can be overlaid on top of other technical indicators or chart patterns to provide an extra layer of analysis.

Overall, the "Latest Candle Background" indicator is a simple but effective way to highlight the most recent price action and enhance your trading strategy.

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