Nifty Super Trader V1 proudly launches its most awaited and perhaps worlds most accurate trend trading tool for NSE:NIFTY.

Prior to its launch this indicator have undergone massive testing in real time markets by some of the very well experienced traders from across the India.

The study generated by the final version which is being released today hit only 6 stoploss in more than 210 real time test trades initiated in the months of April- May 2019.

Nifty Super trader indicator/study tool comprises more than 72 complex algorithms which analyse the market for different parameters and then generates the best possible study for the given time frame.

Apart from developing the complex algorithms our team of developers have spent thousands of man hours in analyzing and studying various technical analysis subjects which resulted in creation of a tool which can generate trade studies as mention in VABA perpetual trade cycle*.

User Guide for Nifty Super trader by

This indicator/study tool gives you a lead in the market as it generates zero lag real time analysis for Nifty .
This indicator is designed to work only with Heikin Ashi candle system
This indicator will work only on NSE:NIFTY CHARTS on
This indicator will quickly identify market trends with visual buy/sell alerts on chart
You can easily access charts on-the-go via Tradingview mobile app
This will work on all the timeframe but we will recommend not to use it on charts lesser than 30 min time frame.

It is imperative to understand that this study does not offers guaranteed profit & should be far from the only reason you enter a trade.

It is highly recommended that you backtest, or paper trade before using this study.

This study/indicator is intended to be a tool, and not the end-all-be-all.

Disclaimer:-By using this indicator you accept that you understand the risk involved with trading and further indemnify that under no circumstances you will hold the team of responsible for any of your damages/loss etc(if any) caused due to signals generated by Nifty Super Trader or any other tool offered by them")
リリースノート: Minor bugs fixed.
Weightage issue resolved.
Non Core algo on 1:P updated
リリースノート: Algo updated
Vix Auto tune core script
Color L&Y
Minor bugs fixed
リリースノート: Hexa series updated
Alpha series primary code complete
Minor bugs fixed
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plz give access
please get me access for trial
give me access for trail
Hello, Can you please let me know how much is the price for it?
Can I use it for limited time before buying it?
What are the timeframe for which it works?
What all indices and stocks for which it works OR does not work?

could you please guide how to use it.

@rajeshy05, its a paid script, dm for more details.
whats the price
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