OBV High / LOW (On-Balance Volume )

This is a simple application of OBV indicator (On-Balance Volume ), to visually determine when a given stock current obv is near the highest or lowest based on the number of lookback bars.

Indicator examples:

### OBV value is near an all-time high ##
  • breakthrough, stock value could set new all-time highs.
  • rejection, stock value could come down or consolidate.



  • OBV High Lookback -> numbers of bars to look back for the obv high.
  • OBV LowLookback -> numbers of bars to look back for the obv low.
  • OBV EMA Length -> Ema length

  • This script also comes with an ema indicator based on obv for smoothing the obv signal since it gets noise at lower timeframes (by default comes disabled)

OBV information

This is my first script any ideas, suggestions, or detected errors (language/script) don´t hesitate to send a message.

Best regards, Mauro.

リリースノート: Minor fix : Change OBV plot color from white to yellow to fix white theme problem

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