This script contains the following indicators included by other creators, adapted for my way of trading cryptocurrencies, forex and gold .


- Creator: sherwind.
- Default parameters: default ichimoku (9,26,52).
- Recomended parameters:
- Forex: (7, 22, 44).
- Crypto: (20, 60, 120, 30).

2. Simple Moving Average .

- Default pparameter: 50.

3. Simple Moving Average Cross.

- Default pparameter: 15 and 50 cross.

4. Koncorde.

- Creator: manboto
- Strategy: The strategy based on its indicator consists of crossing its red line with the brown one, to make purchases and sales. To avoid having things in the middle, I have created a cross to indicate when to buy or sell.

5. Sessions.

- Creator: Ricardex007
- Configuration: I have only enabled the NewYork and London hours because they are the ones I use.

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Good job, very interesting!
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certainly interesting
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