UCS-Probability to Bounce

Hey All,

This is an indicator I was developing over the last year. Over some extreme testing and good test results. I am confident to add this to the pool of my indicators.

Yes, this is a protected script. Contains some intensive research.... and every value here is manipulated to fit a general context. Therefore, treat this just like any of my indicator.

If you want to know further about how i use. comment below......

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For some reason, nothing happens when I add the indicator?
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mastermind9631 mastermind9631
@mastermind9631, Oh never mind.
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Does this work on FX pairs? Can I get access to test this out
So how do you use this indicator?
@dagekko, Great Question, I have my own pullback strategies, They look for a meaningful pullback in the market with high probability to bounce.... I have scans setup for everyday/everyweek. If all lines up. Its a pick and I trade.

This can be used to verify your probability for the bounce. Soon, I will release the indicator with the estimated probability values, should be able to subscribe. The bar color just means, the instrument is 60% probable for a bounce. Ofcourse, higher the better, when you see the actual values (based on the one I am about to release). You can have a confidence behind your pullback trades.
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@dagekko, BTW, the overlay lables are from different indicator (not released, will not release them just yet).....
@dagekko, This was the recent play

dagekko ucsgears
@ucsgears, Thanks, will keep watching for the possible release of the other overlay strategy! Great stuff!
FYI - This is coded for 60% and above in Probability to barcolor
Thanks for the support.
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