Supertrend with Percent Difference from Close

This script improves the Supertrend indicator by displaying a label that shows the percent difference between the latest closing price & the Supertrend.

This comes in handy when one is using the Supertrend value as a stoploss level. For instance, one would like to have a maximum stop loss level of 8%. Instead of calculating how much percent the price is away from the Supertrend, one can look at the percent label & make an informed decision as to whether initiating a position would have favourable risk/reward or not.

Another utility would be selling into strength when one is using the Supertrend as a trailing stop loss. For instance, if the price is a certain percentage far away from the Supertrend, one may conclude that the price is now extended & either price correction or time correction would ensue, & decide to sell into strength.


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