Heikin Ashi Double EMA Strategy [Krypt]

Based on "Heikin Ashi Strategy v2" by breizh29. Adds stop loss and optional log-transform
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Does this repaint or not? Can it be used to trade safely?
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It will repaint (and it does), since it uses a bigger timeframe to get data from.
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@fr0zn, the atep is final after the period in that case 180 min, the step is the average of 180 min, try smaller step, like 15 at 5 min chart, the calculation is then based of just 3, 5 min candels
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sadnc2020 MrMister88
@MrMister88, would you plz send me a shot from ur settings? or kindly write the desired inputs here. ty.
@fskrypt you able to add an alert condition to the code?
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What does log-tranform do for this script?
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Wow this indicator looks amazing! The data looks too good to be true! Using this to trade a single ES future on the 1 min chart it says you will make $20k+ in a week 😱 and all time frames consistently go up with almost no dips 📈 is it really this consistent?! eager to try just almost looks too good haha :)
Hi, I would like to check with you does this signal sometimes come and disappear? Thanks
Hello looks really good, do you have a python script of it ? thanks mate (i can pay for it)
Love this script! Anyone know how to set up alerts with this script?
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