Rhys - Key Level Divergence

This is a custom script created as part of Backtest Rookies development services. It has been published only for customer acceptance and testing. As such, I cannot grant access to anyone other than the client. Sorry about that.

See the Backtest Rookies profile for open source scripts. Visit our website for free pine-script and algorithmic trading tutorials. For those interested in custom development services, more information can be found on our website.

Key Level Divergence Indicator

A script to detect divergences only at key levels specified by the user.

  • Select up to 2 key levels
  • Customize-able buffer zone around the key level
  • Divergence Detection - Hidden and Regular
  • Customize-able Pivot detection (for divergences)
  • Integration of proprietary momentum oscillator.
  • Alerts when divergences happen in key level zones.
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@BacktestRookies I think you are a cool guy
@everget, Thanks! I actually was looking at your stuff the other day too. Very impressive!
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