MACD Strategy with trailing ATR stop

This is a trend based strategy that uses EMA and SMA intersection for determining the direction of the trend and MACD for the entry signal. At the same time, the strategy uses ATR, which is working as a trailing stop.

The strategy entry will work when the Trend ribbon will turn green and MACD line will crossover the signal line. This strategy also takes into account the pyramiding and allows to enter the second time if the signal will repeat itself.

There are 3 exit points. The first 10% of the position will be closed when the price will increase by 1%. The second portion of 50% will be closed when the price reaches 5% Take profit target. The remaining 40 % of the position will wait for the exit signal which will occur when the price closes below the ATR line.

The strategy is using a fixed amount in dollars, each time the entry occurs the strategy will enter with 100$ in the order.

The strategy can be applied to other crypto assets. However, they will require input changes.

Best of luck with your trading.
リリースノート: * Small code update for the script to work without errors.


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