[FrizLabz] FVG

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FVG indicator --

Allows your Charts to stay CLEAN for your T.A. by plotting the FVGs on top of the Candles inside of its Borders

FVGs can also be turned off and you can Remove the Bar Color only

Each FVG has a tooltip that you can hover your mouse over to get the (Type of FVG, Size, Top, Middle, Bottom, Time)

FVGs Using Plots so that they go all the way back in history you can have more than 500 on the chart

Uses 4 Plots to achieve this 4 are used to prevent the fill() from carrying over to the next bar if there are 2 FVGs

Can remove Bar Color - Theres no option to change Bar Color because it will cover up the FVG

Hope you guys Enjoy,
Fix a swapped value on the tooltip


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