ADX Strategy (original)

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ADX Strategy


Generates a long entry signal when the Average Directional Index ( ADX ) value is greater than the trendlevel and the close is greater than the filter value, and/or generates a short entry signal when the ADX value is greater than the trendlevel and the close is less than the filter value.

The Average Directional Index evaluates the strength of a current trend. The ADX is an oscillator that fluctuates between 0 and 100. Values below 20 indicate a weak trend, values above 40 indicate a strong trend. The direction of the trend is not measured by this indicator.

As usual, the script features signal filtering/generation and a rough estimate of its performance.
リリースノート: Added exit methods.
リリースノート: Minor fix to the logic.
リリースノート: Minor fix.

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