InariN Basic

InariN is original work by N jijii.
I think InariN is modern interpretation of Ichimoku Cloud .
Please read script "InariN simple" for basic usage.

Multi time flame candles in this script is great work Candlestick Plot MTF by mortdiggiddy.

Supplementary explanation :
N jijii decided basic numbers as Ichimoku .
"I" first swing is 9. Only first swing is 9 because all numbers is consisted of nine numbers except start point 0 (his philosophy).
The second and subsequent is 8 because tangent point of previous swing is not counted (his philosophy).
"V" second swing is 9 + 8 = 17. "N" third swing is 9 + 8 + 8 = 25.
"N N = N2" is 25 +24 = 49. "N4" is 97. "N9"is 217.
He used basic numbers for parameters.
I think his idea is unique but the important point is this basic numbers are about popular numbers traders usually use and we can use as the same.
N2 and N9 spans is slightly difficult to use ( Ichimoku lagging span).
Basically N span is used to measure Time Retracement and momentum.
If you want to practice Time Retracement , please check script "Ichimoku Time Retracement".



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