FofT - 1h, 4h, and Daily RSI in any time interval

View multiple-timeframe RSIs in a single interval. All RSI lines stay the same no matter your preference to trade in 15m, 1h, 3h…. etc.

Default RSI length is 7 (can be changed in the format settings)
All RSIs are smoothed out in default (can be changed in the format settings)

Line colors
5m RSI - white (disabled in default)
15m RSI - Lime (disabled in default)
1h RSI - Yellow
4h RSI - Red
D RSI - Blue

Overbought and Oversold threshold colors
>70 (grey) - overbought
>80 (orange) - highly overbought
>90 (pink) - extremely overbought
=50 (black dotted lines) - equilibrium
<30 (grey) - oversold
<20 (orange) - highly oversold
<10 (pink) - extremely oversold

How to add to chart
* Click on "Add to Favorite scripts" in the bottom right
* While in chart view click on "/" button on your keyboard or click on the Indicators button on the top tool bar
* Go to Favorites Tab and click on this indicator

Other interval RSIs will be added based on request. Feel free to leave any questions or requests in the comment section below.

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Hey. I just wanted to say that these are absolutly excellent. you did an amazing job. Thanks
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