Short Volume Weighted Trend Band VTrend

The Short Volume Weighted Trend band, combined with the custom supertrend and barcolor, which changes according to price going above or below the bollinger band basis line. Is designed for you to identify the high time frame trend, and take short to long term entries.

The short volume band in green, acts as dynamic support and resistance , and price respects this quite well. I find it great for taking entries off and placing stops below or above depending on the position being taken.

It really helps identify when price is actually changing trend. The barcolor change assists in acting as confluence for this.

Included is a custom supertrend, which is better at 1h timeframe an above. And daily open levels only, as i find the daily key to take trades off when i am scalping on an intraday basis.

The reversal calculations are based off candle close types, these are 'R' either in black or red. The difference in black and red is a type only, and means no significance between the two.

Timeframes I like using on this script, 2H, 1H, 30min, 25min, 15min

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