Better Volume - a separate, non-overlaid volume indicator

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Hey guys

Coming at you again with a very simple script for displaying volume that is not overlaid on the price chart. This volume is in a separate indicator window for when you don't want the volume to get in your way. Bonus: default colors are color matched to default volume indicator (can be changed in the "Style" tab under settings). Includes the moving average as well, with the option to hide it if desired

Inspired by @tradedevils

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I can get the volume bar below the chart but it resets every time I use trading view each day. Any idea how to save it ?
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Hi, can I add commas and thousands point to the numbers shown? So that the number format is: 213.234.223,89?
It would be simpler clicking on the overlaid volume chart and unmerge it down, and you can do the same with almost any indicator. I do it a lot, instead of writing one script to overlay on the chart and other for a separate window, I write only one and merge it and unmerge it whenever I want.
@sal157011, With the default volume indicator on trading view can you unmerge it though? I've never been able to so I wrote this. This can be merged, as you have said
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@TradeCalmly, I've had trouble as well by just moving volume to a different panel. Had done it before but don't remember how, without scripting of course. But the trick I've found is that add other indicators like Stochastic RSI which automatically go on to a separate penal by default. Then add a volume indicator which should by default land on the chart overlaid, then click on the volume dropdown menu, and click on move and move it to panel below. Once below, get rid of the other indicator. It's a work around really. Not sure why we can't just straight up have it move to its own panel.
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