MTF Inclination Colored MACD with Alert

The color of the line changes with the angle of MACD line.
You can alert by changing the color of the line.
You can also select Multiple Time Frames and current chart resolution.
リリースノート: Separate alerts for MTF and Current Chart Resolution.
And, Some internal Updates.
リリースノート: Chart Update.
リリースノート: Small Change.
リリースノート: Add 'Change "Change Color" to Signal Line?' option.
リリースノート: Add "In MTF, if Current Chart Resolution is higher than MTF resolution, do you use Current Chart Resolution?" option.
リリースノート: Change the colors to support Light Color Theme.
リリースノート: Added histogram color change alert.
リリースノート: Improved the label.
Migrated to PineScript V4.
Minor fixes.
リリースノート: Speed up the behavior.
Expanded around alerts.
Many fixes.
リリースノート: Added "Show Chart Resolution Label?" option.
Fix the label position.
Change C => Current.
  • Changed the color of cross mark when crossover and crossunder.
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nice work :)
kai-den dilace
@dilace, thank you!
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