Bayesian BBSMA + nQQE Oscillator + Bank funds (whales detector)

Three trend indicators in one. Fork of Gunslinger2005 indicator, with a fix to display the nQQE oscillator correctly and clearly, and converted to pinescript v5 (allowing to set a different timeframe and gaps).

How to use: Essentially, nQQE is a long term trend indicator which is more adequate in daily or weekly timeframe to indicate the current market cycle. Banker Fund seems better suited to indicate current local trend, although it is sensitive to relief rallies. Bayesian BBSMA is an awesome tool to visualize the buildup in bullish / bearish sentiment, and when it is more likely to get released, however it is unreliable, so it needs to be combined with other indicators.

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Bayesian BBSMA:


L3 Banker Fund Flow Trend:

Originally mixed together by Gunslinger2005:

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