Willams %R with 13 EMA and middle point

Willams %R with 13 EMA and middle point. It also uses the textbook formula instead of the Tradingview one.
リリースノート: Williams %R taught by TRI Level 1 -
- length: 21
- added: 13 EMA
- added: different background when Willy is stupid (green for overbought, red for oversold
リリースノート: Updated the background location
リリースノート: Styling changes
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came for the excellent simple W% code. Thank you! Works in pine 4 as well
alexpunct KaspB2206
@KaspB2206, glad to hear!
So cool Thank you for sharing!!!Go TRI!!!+1 for the win
this is epic.
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Thanks Alex :)
most Excellent dude
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