Patient Volatility Sniper

This strategy waits for moments of high volatility where an asset is significantly overbought/oversold and makes very short trades.

When the indicator line spikes, it means the script sees a "window of opportunity." However, it will only enter a position if the underlying oscillators are overbought/oversold as determined by the threshold you set.

It does not produce a particularly gaudy net profit compared to many other strategies and can go weeks without making a trade. However, since the win/loss ratio tends to be consistently favorable (based on backtests: see below) it may be useful as a supplement to more "active" trading strategies.

I backtested it over the last year or so with a handful of different altcoins (specifically: ETH, ADA, DOT, XLM , VET, ZEC, and OMG), and it seems fairly robust. Please keep in mind that past results do not guarantee future success. Feel free to confirm the backtesting for yourself, especially as it may change in the future after this was written.

USAGE NOTE: If you have access to custom timeframes on tradingview, I strongly recommend using this strategy on charts in the range of 10m to 12m. In practice, there's not much of a difference, but I did optimize it for those slightly shorter timeframes. There are a handful of tickers for which it does not seem to work very well once you go up to 15m (notably, as of the time of publishing, DOGE).

Commission fee included because not doing so is unrealistic.