Bank Nifty Dashboard

This shows a performance glance of Dow, India Vix and Major Constituents of Bank Nifty . Which will help to take quick decision.

Style settings

Normalized Change Mode: Allows the user to access a different interpretation of the indicator by showing the normalized first differences of each indicator in the dashboard instead of their sign
Dashboard Location: Location of the dashboard on the chart
Dashboard Size: Size of the dashboard on the chart
Text/Frame Color: Determines the color of the frame grid as well as the text color
Bullish Cell Color: Determines the color of cell associated with a rising indicator direction
Bearish Cell Color: Determines the color of cell associated with a decreasing indicator direction
Cell Transparency: Transparency of each cell

This will help to monitor the banks Performance on various time frames . You can change the stock list according to your usage/Index.
All showing in green indication strong momentum.
リリースノート: Removed some commented lines
リリースノート: Update Pine Script Version.
Added a few indicators.
Indicators Table and Decoding

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