Ehlers Elegant Oscillator [CC]

The Elegant Oscillator was created by John Ehlers (Stocks and Commodities Feb 2022 pg 21) and for those of you who don't know, he introduced the indicators for the Fisher Transform and Inverse Fisher Transform and this is a new updated version to that idea based on his latest research. This uses a soft limiter which he says is superior to a hard limiter. There are several ways to interpret this indicator. First if the indicator is above the 0 line then it is a long term bullish trend and below 0 a long term bearish trend . Second this indicator can be used for reversal points with the peaks and valleys. Finally when the indicator line starts moving higher for example it is a bullish short term trend and vice versa. I have included strong buy and sell signals in addition to normal ones so strong signals are darker in color and normal are lighter in color. Buy when the line turns green and sell when it turns red.

Let me know if there are any other indicators or scripts you would like to see me publish!


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