BitMEX Kairi

BitMEX Kairi

# Abstract 

This script shows the divergence between  BTC   futures  price and  BTC  actuals price of bitFlyer FX and BitMEX in percentage. 
Usually, when people bought it or sold it too much on  futures  , the divergence between actuals and  futures  are getting expanding. 
I believe this is really useful to find when the conversion of the trend happens. 

Also supports USDT divergence too. If you wish to enable USDT mode, please check "Show only USDT divergence (Poloniex)" on the settings menu. 

Enjoy :) 

# Supports: 

- BitMEX  BTC   Futures  3mo (orange) 
- BitMEX  BTC   Futures  6mo (red) 
- bitFlyer FX (blue) 
USDTUSD  (Poloniex) 

# Disclaimer: 
This is a free script. Feedbacks are welcome! But I don't have any responsibility when this script has broken or something went wrong.
Jul 01
リリースノート: Minor updates
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When I run the script it says: Bitmex Kairi: resolve_error "bitmex How do i fix it?
mlstatic mlstatic
@mlstatic, nevermind i figuired it out
it's quite hard to read it)
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