Multiple Moving Averages using only 1 Indicator!

Multiple moving averages in one indicator, so those of you without a pro membership can add multiple moving averages to your chart while only taking up 1 of the 3 indicators.




How is this script applied to tradingview chart?
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myfye13 Partizan1
@Partizan1, It can be found by clicking on the indicators button at the top of the screen and search for moving averages. Does that answer your question?
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halo sir, can you modify it so it can choose for close, open, high, low option please
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This looks impressive. How do I use this in a widget scripts section? Thanks in advance.
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sir how can i download this indicator
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is it possible to take the average of a TEMA and the average of and EMA across multiple time frames and have it show up as one line on any time frame?
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Epic_Crypto E_HXnXn1Xn2E_H
@E_HXnXn1Xn2E_H, I think it would be cool to pull in like the 50 or the 200 on the daily and plot it on whatever chart you're on, like the hourly or the 5 minute. Rather than having to switch back and forth to the daily to see where key levels are.
RealCarty Epic_Crypto
@Epic_Crypto I have seen in one of the built in MA's that you can set a resolution. For example 1day, or responsive to what you are viewing. Just browse through all the MA's you like and look for resolution.
Thank you! Very helpful!
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Fantastic indicator! Thank you!