Chikou Filter for Ichimoku Cloud

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This Indicator enhances functionality of Chikou-Span from Ichimoku Cloud using a simple trend filter.


Chikou is basically close value of ticker offset to close and it is a good for indicating if close value has crossed potential Support/Resistance zone from past. Chikou is usually used with 26 period.
Chikou filter uses a lookback length calculated from provided lookback percentage and checks if trend was bullish or bearish within that lookback period.
Bullish : Trend is bullish if Chikou span is above high values of all candles within defined lookback period. Green color shows bullish trend.
Bearish: Trend is bearish if Chikou span is below low values of all candles within defined lookback period. This is indicated by red color.
Reversal / Choppiness : White color indicates that Chikou are swinging around candles within defined lookback period which is an indication of consolidation or trend reversal.

Default Settings

Different source types are included but I've found that (OHLC4+High+Low)/3 is better for Chikou and Symmetrically Weighted Moving Average (SWMA) is also applied but it produce some repainting though. Default period is set to 26 and lookback percentage is 50%. Low percentage would decrease filter's efficiency.


This filter can be used to check if Chikou crossover has occurred in past. This can be used with Donchain channels, Bollinger Bands or any Moving Average as replacement of High / Low values. I'll use this indicator in all my Ichimoku Cloud studies especially adaptive ones. Filter outputs in Color and Integer format; both can be used as signals definitions.
  • Updated and simplified function using ta.highest and ta.lowest
  • Updated chart
  • Added trend alerts


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