Sniper [hibiki]

This indicator detects the market entry signal by judging the oscillator index of various markets in multiple.
When the conditions are met, a buy or sell sign is displayed.
リリースノート: The alert function is subdivided.
リリースノート: Add price variable to alert message
リリースノート: Improvement to display price on sign
リリースノート: Minor fixes
リリースノート: Equipped with history data mode
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Business request  ✉:hibiki.crypto@gmail.com
Various information(ツール販売・ブログ・取引所案内):http://linktr.ee/hibiki_trader


Hello may i use this please , can you grant me access ? how do i get access ? I'm just a single lady parent trying to get a better income than working the hospital for my child and myself.
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hibiki_trader Bosslifebagsz
@Bosslifebagsz, Hello, Thank you for your comment This original script is contracted by subscription. "Http://crypt-city.com/shop/" You can use it by purchasing a subscription with this address and contacting us.
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hibiki_trader Bosslifebagsz
@Bosslifebagsz, Use this DISCORD community to share information. "Discord.gg/Earjqzt"
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hibiki_trader Bosslifebagsz
@Bosslifebagsz, Please follow us if you like because we also distribute on SNS. "Https://twitter.com/Whiskey_bonbon_"
hibiki_trader Bosslifebagsz
@Bosslifebagsz, Currently, we do not have a manual in English, but we will consider it if there are more inquiries in the future.The usage fee is 8,700 JPY for 90 days, and it is cheaper for the year.There is nothing difficult to use it, the sign will light up if the conditions are met.
Hello is there a english version what is the cost? 8700? oh my goodness
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