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This is my cutting edge "Improved Schaff Trend Cycle Indicator" that I radically modified for all assets, not just Forex. Just when you may have thought it was the end of the evolutionary line for Schaff trend cycle indicators, it's not! It's actually two different modified Schaff trend cycle tandem algorithms combined making this a very versatile multicator. Members obtaining Invite-Only access, I might suggest using two of these for increased situational awareness. The creator of "Schaff Trend Cycle", Doug Schaff, a pioneer in Forex analytic trading tools, was really on the right track decades ago when he created the original indicator. At the time of this release, my original free to use formulation shown on the very bottom above is highly popular with members on TV, and in my opinion, one of my most favored indicators I have published so far. Well, this is the NEW and IMPROVED version with reduced lag...

Modifications included are rescaling the range from 0/100 to +/-1.0, employing reversion to the mean principles Dr. John Ehlers elaborates about. The thresholds are set to +/-0.8, nothing significant about those numbers at all, be forewarned! One characteristic about these formulations is that I was able to reduce the lag in many cases. While both are more reactive than the original Schaff trend cycle indicator, often in downward trends, one has the ability to hug the -1.0 line more having an occasional propensity to anticipate false bottoms when significant divergences between the two occur. This is one capability in an indicator I have for so long tried to achieve without any success until now. Also in positive trends, these formulations are more effective when encountering detected peaks/tops without the inherent lag the original formulation had. Both are typically in agreement when an opportune selling exit point is commencing. These characteristics are displayed above on top of the original formulation shown on the bottom.

Another most notable feature I have been including recently is the multiple time frame (MTF) features in the indicator "Settings". The indicator accommodates selectable second-based time frames. This is my third PSv4.0 script to accommodate seconds in MTF adequately. Be forewarned, second-based time frames are currently for Premium subscribers only, until such time in the future when the prerogative of TV might change. I will continue adding second-based time frames to my other indicators where I feel it is beneficial to the indicator.

I.P.O.C.S.: "Initial Public Offering Clean Start" proprietary technology. I figured it's time to more accurately describe this tech starting with this novel indicator. Many of my other indicators already possess this capability. It allows suitable plotting from day one, minute one of IPO, remedying visually delayed signal analysis. It's basically accurate plotting from the very first bar (bar_index==0) on Tradingview. If you don't know what this is, most people don't, go back to the VERY beginning of any stock on the "All" chart and compare it to other similar indicators. What's so special about this? It is extremely difficult to get a healthy plot from bar_index==0 on any platform. However, I have become exceedingly talented performing this feat in most cases but not all depending on the algorithm. This indicator is a successful accomplishment implementing IPOCS. It's inherent value is predominantly for IPO traders who in the past have had to wait 20, 50, and 150 bars before they obtain a precise indicator measurement for the simplest of algorithms in order to make a properly informed decision to potentially invest in an asset. How is this achieved? It's a highly protected secret of mine... but I will say I rarely use Pine built-in functions at all. When I do, I use them scarcely due to currently existing Pine language limitations.

Anyhow, this supersedes my "Enhanced Schaff Trend Cycle Indicator" by far. For those of you who obtain this indicator, enjoy the POWER of Schaff renewed!

Features List Includes:
I.P.O.C.S.(Initial Public Offering Clean Start) Technology
Enable/disable dark background for enhanced visibility
MTF adjustments/selections
Typical Schaff adjustments
"Display Trends" selection to show both trends or each one independently
"Line Width" adjustment for increased line visibility
Ranges and thresholds are enable/disable capable
Upper threshold adjustment
Lower threshold adjustment
Adjustable centered medial zone

This is not a freely available indicator, FYI. To witness my Pine poetry in action, properly negotiated requests for unlimited access, per indicator, may ONLY be obtained by direct contact with me using TV's "Private Chats" or by "Message" hidden in my member name above. The comments section below is solely just for commenting and other remarks, ideas, compliments, etc... regarding only this indicator, not others. If you do have any questions or comments regarding this indicator, I will consider your inquiries, thoughts, and concepts presented below in the comments section, when time provides it. When my indicators achieve more prevalent use by TV members, I will implement more ideas when they present themselves as worthy additions. As always, "Like" it if you simply just like it with a proper thumbs up, and also return to my scripts list occasionally for additional postings. Have a profitable future everyone!
This is a major revision, providing so many novel upgrades, I can't list them all. Of significant interest, I upgraded the MTF controls to my "Extreme Flexibility Design" (EFD). This may be near to the end of the line for MTF management in the foreseeable future I envision. I haven't encountered anything resembling this level of MTF influence before on any platform. All of my MTF controls in other indicators in the future, will emanate from this degree of empowerment. I also drastically modified the indicator from it's original color form, added labels for the current indicator values that function in MTF mode, and styled the indicator "Settings" to something resembling modern application preferences. Anyhow, my improved Schaff Trend Cycle indicator is what I might allegorically describe as being "genetically modified and enhanced" now. I assure you, this is nothing like the common chemically laden varieties of genetically modified FrankenFoods found on a shelf at your local grocery...
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