Multi-Timeframe Configuration Demo

This is a developer friendly solution to the current PineScript limitation of not being able to easily configure presets for multiple timeframes.

If you're developing multi-timeframe strategies then you've no doubt done battle with built-in `input` function which only allows for a single default value. You've probably come up with all kinds of fancy workarounds, including messy hardcoding, and even gritting your teeth and patiently reentering all the necessary values each time you refresh the chart or change the timeframe. The last one is my personal favourite.

As you can see in the code below we have defined a `usePresets` condition which tells the script to use our preset configuration, otherwise the default `input` values will be used. If `usePresets` is false then we use our presets which are defined in a (fairly) easy to read condition chain with the help of some basic timeframe utility functions.

Obviously this is nothing groundbreaking, but its helped me clean up my scripts a bit, so hopefully it will help you too.

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