The default settings are configured for a 1-minute chart.

For permission, leave a comment or send a message.

I wish good profits.

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sir please can i get an access to it
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Sir, please share
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hello moneytrapper , this is really good work. may i have access please. thank your for your all efforts. i have a question to you. Is it possible to find buy and sel signals on screener in tradingwiev. because we have to search the signals as looking for the currencies one by one. so it takes to much time and not productive way.
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moneytrapper restfulman
@restfulman, It is not possible to find the signal of buying and selling in the crypto screener. Because tradingview doesn't offer such an option.
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onay verebilir misiniz ?
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moneytrapper Muhendisbey03
@Muhendisbey03, Onay verildi.
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microindiaeng moneytrapper
Sir, please allow access
Hi, could try this ? thanks in advance
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@likom111, You have access permissions.
Güzel olmus :) Onay verirseniz kullanabiliriz :)
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