Dynamic Support And Resistance [v2018-9-26]

Folks I know crypto has robbed you blind, so I'm offering a subscription service for this strategy

$10.00 a month gives you access to the indicator, our private discord to learn how to use this properly so you can start making profit.

So what are the steps to getting it?

Step one: Join Volatility Traders chat on tradingview

Step two: Join our discord so you can be apart of the community specifically built for this strategy

Step three: Click the like button so I know you are ready to gain access to the tool
リリースノート: Adjusted mini scalper algo

also here is the link to the TV chat
リリースノート: Alright not doing the subscription. Too much to manage sorry guys so same thing

If you want the basic indicator the price is 70 dollars one time fee

if you want the premium the price is 100 one time fee
リリースノート: Folks I'm going to offer a FREEEEEE TRIAL for this indicator yes FREE. Do you know how many PM's i get daily asking for this? Well this is your chance!
リリースノート: Security Rollout
リリースノート: -*-
リリースノート: Release Notes: Hey all, if you haven't seen this amazing tool, I invite anyone that wants to increase their trading profit to try this tool now. The trial version is 7 days and is designed to allow you to decide for yourself if you would like to purchase. Please see below on purchase options!"So why do I need this"? It's a general question I get asked on a daily basis, and my answer is "It allows you to see where the price is going". Why is that important? If we can see where the price is going based off of moving support and resistance, calculated and compiled from a complex algorithm I wrote from scratch, it allows you to make the choice to buy or sell at a lower risk standpoint than the current trend and maximize your profit margins.

I challenge you not only to try out the indicator, but join our private discord based off trading tool, and experienced traders to lead you to your first win, or increase those profits!

Also here is a course program I've been working on

And finally our youtube page that shows how to use this tool in real time!

So lets break down the price one more time:

Lite Version = $50.00 one time fee (if you purchase before the trial expires, $10.00 off will be subtracted).

Premium Version = $100.00 one time fee (if you purchase before the trial expires, $20.00 off will be subtracted).
Which can be found here:
リリースノート: Alright So I'm gonna piggy back onto this indicator since tradingview wants to charge now. So enjoy! This is only for the private group.. PM me if you want part of this group.
リリースノート: fixmix....
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