Nubia - Auto Midas Anchored VWAP [xdecow]

This indicator looks for the highs and lows using the highest / lowest of 4 different periods. The default values are 17, 72, 305 and 1292 inspired by BO Williams phicube fractals.
The indicator will show anchored vwaps from those 8 dynamic points (4 tops and 4 bottoms).
A true trend is defined when 4 fractals line up without much opposite resistance (only the two smallest opposing vwaps).
When the price is between several vwaps it is a sign of consolidation or pullback. You can use larger timeframes to check for possible targets in large consolidations and pullbacks.




Thanks xde. Can you please tell me how to anchor vwap from the start of the day?
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Great work.
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Para entender... esse indicador add o Midas automaticamente no ultimo topo e ultimo fundo ? Isso esta correto ?
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xdecow renan_br
@renan_br, ele traça um midas do candle mais alto/baixo dos ultimos 17, 72, 305, 1292, geralmente vai ser um topo e fundo msm. É como se fosse traçar topo e fundo de um donchian channel ou highest/lowest.
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this is strange but nice one! TY!
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great stuff as always!
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xdecow DougTrading
@DougTrading, tmj :D
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I second the request for auto anchoring vwap to start of day candle, such as 3 minute candle. Would save a lot of time if possible
Thanks for sharing and opening the source too
So professional... thanks for sharing.