I tried to improve the one - step equilibrium table.
Since the original glance consisted of the middle line of the Hiroo band, something is calculated from the upper and lower lines.
Leading span A = Double the width of the HiLo             band (Green 2) * (1-75 (≒ 76.4% return)), the central complex clouds only changed the expression at a glance.
It is unified to shift all lines at first glance by 25. The old lagging span was renamed to the preceding price span.
You can use the first line of conversion line and reference line with the combination of the preceding conversion line, the preceding reference line and the preceding price span.
The part surrounded by the preceding conversion line and the preceding reference line is defined as rain cloud.
The leading span B is the interpretation of the rain cloud and the effective value of the cloud.
(the width of the reference line and the leading span A) ÷ The width of the rain cloud is like the intensity of the cloud.
Rain clouds have the same properties as clouds, and the twisted parts are weak.
When the type of cloud and rain cloud are different, it is countervailing and resistance seems to be weak.
Even when the width of the leading span A and the leading reference line is narrow, the resistance seems to be weak.
It seems there are clouds above and below as well because it was the motivation for development so there are two clouds each above and below. The clouds are five (although it is actually six) so it is the fifth grade.
It should normally be bounced back in the green zone.
There is a red zone for abnormal price fluctuations.
It seems that the upper and lower clouds only bounce back toward the center.
If you are not satisfied with price movements overall it seems that you are in the range market, often breaking through for the passage of time.

Update Ver 2.0
integrate MTF amagumo
Devices of color arrangement
The resistance is strong where the cloud color is thin.
It should be weak as the force is canceled as much as it is black.
Batch display option for each part

Ichimoku kinkou hyou
KazmaxFAN Club # Place for technical discussion

先行スパンA=ハイローバンドの幅の2倍(Green2)*(1-75(≒76.4%戻し)) という発見により、中央の複雑な雲は一目の表現を変えるだけにしました。

Update Ver2.0
MTF amagumoを統合

KazmaxFAN倶楽部 #テクニカル議論の場
リリースノート: MTF雲の配色の変更

Changing the color scheme of MTF cloud
I tried to automatically determine the MTF magnification
リリースノート: Update Ver2.1
Added yellow zone (MTF version of green zone)
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