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Hello Traders,

As some of you know, I have had this in Beta for a long while now and it's finally time for a full release.
I originally designed this to be an Unreal Algo add-on to track & stay in the trade a little better, but the VTF Algo has become a full Algorithm and can be used standalone with supreme accuracy.
It's for beginners and advanced traders alike. I've made the settings very customizable, but also easy to just jump right in.

How it works:
It uses volatility , deviations, and tons of statistical calculations, confirmations, moving averages, and filters to bring you the most accurate Supply & Demand predictive algorithm possible. The VTF Algo will automatically normalize different volatility in any type of market to help avoid getting Chopped up and give a forward-looking approach to accurate Price Action and confirmation. It will automatically show support and resistance in real-time. The channel that The VTF Algo creates will help traders confirm whether they should stay in the trade or get out fast. As the green top grows it naturally acts as Supply and as the red bottom grows it acts as Demand, when one of them far exceeds the other the direction price will proceed to is clear to see.

  • -Easy-to-read Price Action & Trend channel.
  • -Exceptional Chop Filter (grayed center).
  • -Accurate Buy/Sell and Topline Continuation Signals.
  • -Rejection Signals.
  • -Multiple-Timeframe Customizable Trend Table. Showing Directional Arrows (see bottom right of picture).
  • -Bullish / Bearish Growing Blocks.
  • -Fully Customizable with Clean and Cleaner Mode.

The VTF Algo was made with all different types of traders in mind.

Some like things Ultra Crispy Clean:

Others like things a little more clean but can move their focus to where it's needed:

Lastly, there are those who don't mind things looking a little busy:

Topline Continuation Signals, Auto-Supply/Demand, and a Real-Time Multiple Timeframe Trend Table (in the bottom-right) corner:

Meshes perfectly as an Algo Add-on for Unreal Algo © (as originally designed) to enhance "The Simple Strat" © :

I tried to make everything as customizable as possible. So adding or removing or color-changing is super easy.

Happy Trading.

VTF Algo Update 4.2.23:
  • NEW: Pressure Bands (Supply/Demand).
  • NEW: Pullback Pressure.
  • Code Cleanup.
  • Signal Tweaks.
  • Changes to Defaults.

Update 4.4.23:
  • Turned beta B/S off by default.
  • Added the ability to adjust the color of the Pressure Bands and thus the transparency (100 for off).
-Pressure Bands are more transparent by default (easily adjustable at the top of inputs, 100 transparency turns them off).
VTF Algo 4.6.23 Update:
  • Supply/Demand Outer bands are now less transparent when they are growing!
Update 4.7.23:
  • Tons of code cleaning.
  • Adjusted the Buy/Sell.
  • Added 2nd B/S toggle for less signals, not necessarily more accurate than the other.
  • Separated the 2 B/S into separate alerts.
Still it is best to use Unreal Algo for the signals for now.
VTF Algo Update 5.2.23:
  • Sev eral Optional Alerts.
  • B/S Condition Alerts.
  • Improved and Optimized Algo.
  • Adjusted Pressure Bands.
  • Cleaned code.
  • A few fixes and Improvements.

This Algo, while it was originally created to be used with Unreal Algo, it can be used alone as well.

See related Algo:
UPDATE 8.29:

  • Buy/Sell Signal Optimizations.
  • Topline Signals combine and optimized.
    ------(explosive is now a included in a different color).
  • Code cleaning.
  • Old Clean Mode is now default. New Clean mode replaced "Cleaner"
  • CLEAN MODE now is easier to see and has more data included.
  • Now easier to implement as an addon for Unreal Algo.
  • Adjustments and toggle added to the Pullback Pressure and Bands.
  • More customization options added.
  • Cleaned/Organized Settings UI.
  • Improved logic.
  • Updated tooltips and text.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • Probably more that I just can't think of.

Enjoy! :)
A few quick things.
--Small UI update.

Clean Mode (can be further adjusted - to preference)

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