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Cryptocurrency adoption is on a constant upward trajectory. The interest for trading 'crypto assets' could not stay anywhere behind. The amateur nature of the market together with huge 'price inefficiencies' is always giving rise to excellent arbitrage opportunities throughout the globe. This code aims to help traders to make money placing safe and profitable trades which will eventually help the community to move towards more efficient price discovery.

The script combines up to three assets to be monitored at the same time. It also allows the trader to plot Simple or Exponential Moving Averages and Bollinger Bands (BB) for each asset he wants to trade.

* International/local -- it allows the trader to switch between international spreads and local (currency) spreads, considering the market he is targeting. The default value is international. Unchecking the field will set the script for local trades.
* Fees -- enables one to add his effective operational cost directly on the chart. This feature might be potentially relevant for traders who engage with fast-moving markets which demands action to be taken right away. The logic for calculations when fees are in place is the following (fee ≠ 0): if (spread > 0), then (spread - fee). If (spread < 0), then (spread + fee). When the spread is too short, the code may plot somewhat weird charts. In this case, it might be interesting to keep fee = 0.
* Standard/ Absolute BB -- it changes from standard Bollinger Bands (default value) to absolute Bollinger Bands. The standard version calculates the bands over the moving average. The absolute version calculates each band in isolation taking absolute values as arguments. Play with the two options (and deviation) to see which is better regarding your market and the instrument of your choice. Uncheck the field to get the absolute version. Feedback on this point is particularly appreciated.
* Expon. Ma -- it switches everything from Simple Moving Averages (SMA) to Exponential Moving Averages (EMA). Default value: SMA.

I hope you guys manage to make money using the script. And if you do, feel free to show your appreciation. Any amount is welcome! Let's take advantage of what crypto enabled us.

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If you want to use the script, please, let me know leaving a comment below.

Trade wisely and good luck out there.
* Fees - This release simplifies the calculation of the fees. It no longer takes fee=0 as particularly relevant to the calculation. Now it is going to work just like this (spread + fee). It's worth saying that 'fees' accepts values between -2 and 2. The trader can play with that to get his 'effective profit' regarding each leg of his spread trade straight on the chart.

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