Min/Max Value Multiple Series Function

Trying different solutions to find the minimum/maximum value in a set of predefined series
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You didnt defined arrayLen ?
coward_ coward_
@coward_, oh my bad.
coward_ coward_

Use this to get exactly value. Since TV is equaling last index value.. So you have to start with "0"

array(index) =>
index==0 ? a : index == 1 ? b :
index == 2 ? c : index == 3 ? d : na

maxf(arrayLen) =>
max = array(0)
for i = 0 to arrayLen-1
max := max(max,array(i))
Your script always yield 1.000 and 3.000 as the extreme points. This is not a real indicator.
B120626 cm45t3r
@cm45t3r, LOL!
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