Bankai (HT4L)

Thank you to ripster47, colinmck, and spdoinkal for their service as the original logic with certain lines comes from them. Thank you to them as their work has greatly helped the trading community and made the creation of Bankai possible.

This indicator is a simplified and more effective version of TD Sequential, EMA Clouds, and QQE signals. The advantage of this indicator over others that provide similar data, is that this indicator is decluttered, only has what you and I may need and works on multiple time frames (15m works best, however find what is best for you). This allows charts to have more clarity and provides ease when trading. Bankai was created to be a single indicator that identifies trend ( ema clouds), reversals (8's & 9's), and possible entries to long or short a position (long/short).

Red features = Bearish
Green features = Bullish

Bankai has many features. It prints 8’s and 9’s (buy/sell) which signals potential reversals. A '9' (or perfect '8') signals a potential reversal. This should be used with candlestick patterns and other TA. Red 8's and 9's are bearish , green 8's and 9's are bullish . There are four pairings of ema clouds (5-13, 8-9, 20-21, & 34-50) which identify trend and reversals. When trading below the 34-50 cloud we are bearish and when trading above the 34-50 cloud we are bullish . The long and short signals are a conversion of the QQE oscillator.

This script is recommended to be used in combination of your own TA, specifically with levels and candle closes.



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