Percentage Levels by Timeframe

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Plots the positive and negative percentage levels from a selection of timeframes and sources for any ticker. You can use this within a pullback trading system. For example, if you historically look at the average pullback of large cap stocks and ETF's, you can use this indicator to plot the levels it could pullback to for an entry to go long. It can be used as potential targets when trading a ticker short. Another use for this is to backtest the set percentage targets using TradingView's bar replay feature to see how ETF's and large cap stocks have reacted at these levels. Note: This is intended to be used at timeframes equal to higher than the chart's as it may cause re-painting issues.

Currently percentage levels are statically set to 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30% levels above and below the chosen source (open, high, low, close). You can also display the data based on timeframes from Daily (1D) all the way up to Yearly (12M)

*Not financial advice but in my opinion the current percentage levels set (see above) are best used for ETF's and Large Cap Stocks.
Jan 2
Release Notes: Added the ability to select the historical bars to look back when plotting levels
Jan 2
Release Notes: To get a better display or proper resolution on your charts, change the view settings to "Scale Price Chart Only"
Jan 2
Release Notes: To add % labels for this indicator on the price axis, change your chart settings to include "Indicator Name Label" & "Indicator Last Value". You can find this under the Label section after hitting the gear icon in the bottom right of your chart.
Jan 2
Release Notes: Added: Custom Line Plot Extension Settings. Ideally both values should be equal to display optimal extended lines. To return to a base setting: '1' = Historical Lookback & '0' = Offset Lines. Also note this is dependent on the timeframe you are viewing on the chart.
Jan 2
Release Notes: Removed indicator from example chart that was not needed.
Jan 2
Release Notes: Updated some comments in the Pine Script
Jan 2
Release Notes: Update: Added commentary and instructions in the indicator settings to address recommended line plot settings for Stocks/ETF's vs Futures
Jan 2
Release Notes: Changed title from "Calculation Method" to "Calculation Source"

Jan 4 2021
Normal use of security() dictates that it only be used at timeframes equal to or higher than the chart's as it may cause re-painting
Added a few additional percentage levels


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