Hello, it has been a while since I published something, I have been working on webdev in the last months but Here I Am again with a brand new strategy, I called it EMA Watson lol (no I'm not a fan)!

Recently Bitcoin has been outperforming almost all altcoins so I made a script for trading Bitcoin against USDT. This script should be used on a pair that is in an uptrend, just like BTC/USDT today. The script is coded in such a way that it won't make any trade if the trend goes bearish .

This is a simple buy and sell strategy, that can be used for manual trading or for a trading bot. The strategy is based upon the Exponential Moving Average trading rules, and I added my personnal touch of course.

I give access for free, just leave a comment.

More info about the script, such as inputs description, how to configure the script, strategy explanation, alert configuration can be found here :

The Alert Setup (indicator) script should be uploaded soon on my profile.

Commission Work: TradingView development, Reverse Engineering, Pine Script. You can also send me a message in TradingView or Discord

If you have too much crypto and want to help me out:
BTC address: 19sVQvCDmVfEACq7BiMnWSMqFPZ8qfSQ2K
ETH address: 0xc8a5d3a63a05db0c2363ea1c08b37a01cce9ebfb
お気に入りスクリプトから削除 お気に入りスクリプトに追加 - Automated Strategies with Backtest and Alert Setup

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Can you let me try it for a few days and check the effect? Thank you
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@W866, Sure, you can have it, make sure to check my more recent indicators too !
Hi, can I have access please? This looks like some good, interesting work.
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@Exxcel, Yes there you go
Sounds nice, can I have access plz?
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@onepulse, Granted :)
Looks great! can i have a go please?
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cyatophilum jokester01au
@jokester01au, Sorry for the late reply, I granted you access!
Good job bro can i try it ::))
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@MecPasha Sorry for the late reply, I granted you access!
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