Anchored Three Sigma Range

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This indicator serves to display the standard deviation model based on open price from the selected anchored timeframe. Per statistics the price may stay within the three sigma range most of the time, most significantly within first sigma range 68% of the time.
If price breaks the statistical probabilities and out of the three sigma range entirely it could be considered anomalous and perhaps useful for trade planning, use the fib extensions in various ways to have dynamic profit targets, support or resistance.

How is this different
This indicator differs from others in that I've not really seen any others generating solely horizontal levels, anchored from open price and including fib extensions.

How to use
To use this indicator add to the chart, select anchor timeframe, fib display mode and adjust style to liking. Depending on trade plans use the range breaks, consolidations or fib extensions as required.

One could utilize range consolidation for advanced options neutral trades, range breaks for scalping directionally or high fib extensions for rejection based trades. Based on timeframe anchorage there could be some really amazing combinations for any style of trading, comment any unique findings!

What markets
This indicator can be used on anything that has a price :D

Any condition is applicable.
This update includes inside fib retracement levels, given the amount of plots in this indicator I had to cut some of them but I felt that the ones left in are the most important. If folks are interested enough I can switch it to allow customization, I've provided an option to disable them entirely if desired.

The retracement levels are plotted from mean to 3rd sigma high, and from the mean to 3rd sigma low which ends up providing the 23.6%, 50% and 78.6% retracements for either side.

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